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Fly fishing the Thompson in late August

Fly-fishing in Lytton goes back a long, long time.

The 1859 journal of Arthur Thomas Bushby, the personal clerk and registrar of none other than the famous “Hanging Judge” Mathew Begbie, has a very significant reference.

Bushby, while in Lytton, recorded in his journal on Sunday, April 3, 1859: “I went out with Begbie and he tried the Thompson with a fly but with no success – while I lounged on the sand in the sun a cigar en bouche and the Chinook vocabulary en main!!”

This is the first written record of fly-fishing on the Thompson, and probably even the first written record of fly-fishing on a stream in BC.

Need more be said? Lytton has been an angler’s mecca ever since including sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River.

Thompson River Steelhead