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Our Climate


Spring-time Saskatoon berry blossoms at Lytton

Lytton has a reputation for being “Canada’s Hotspot” when in fact, other communities in BC and Canada hold the record high temperatures, not Lytton.

We can boast about our climate however, as it offers a perfect four-season playground with reasonably warm temperatures in all four seasons. Our climate is one of our appeals.


Marked by fields of sunflowers and Saskatoon blossoms in mid-April, spring comes early in Lytton.

A week or two of hot, summerlike temperatures in May and June commonly ushers in summer.


The hottest temperatures normally are recorded during in the third week in July, followed by a perfect, sunny August. Very low humidity make even a 40 C day bearable.

This is perfect temperatures for whitewater rafting the Thompson and Fraser Rivers, with delightfully warm water and air temperatures to match.

Whitewater rafting on the Thompson River is the perfect way to beat summer’s heat


Warm daytime temperatures and cool nights trigger classic fall colours. The Thompson River hosts migrating salmon and can astound you with its beauty.


Snow and ice with lots of sunny days typify our winters. Perfect for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and even pond hockey and wildlife viewing, winter offers a wide range of fun things to do.

Coast Mountains on the west side of the Fraser River south of Lytton



Fall colours along the Thompson River