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Lytton Museum & Archives

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Our museum is a jewel.

Few small towns have a museum that is as well organized and as well looked after as the Lytton museum.

Lytton was one of the first thriving communities in British Columbia, and the museum houses documents, relics, and photographs that go back 150 years.

Thompson First Nations People 1880’s

It is housed in an ex-company house on Fraser Street, next door to the public swimming pool and Visitor Info Centre.

Originally built by the Canadian National Railway as a residence in 1942, the house was acquired by the Village fifty years later, and was renovated in the early 1990s into its present state.

The Museum officially opened on July 1st, 1995.

It is operated entirely by volunteers, with paid help during the summer months.

Marie Heaster is the Curator and Archivist, and Peter Heaster is the President of the Museum, which is a commission of the Village of Lytton.

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