Lytton Chamber of Commerce  

Our Photographers

 Credit for the beautiful photographs in this website belongs to the following Lytton residents and contributor:

Brooke caught the essence of Fraser River sand


Andrew Fandrich

Bernie Fandrich

Brooke Haller

Dan Schenkeveld

David Gregory (Summerland)

Don Burkhart

Joe Chute

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Tricia Thorpe


Kumsheen also does photography workshops


Bernie captured the feeling of good ol’ fashioned pond hockey


Andrew caught the early morning mood on the Fraser


Joe got close to a prickly pear cactus in bloom











Tricia has her camera focused on Botanie Lake











Dan S. captured this goat a few kilometers east of town

Don captures a foggy bridge

                     The Stein River is David’s favourite river